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The Role of Teachers in Refugee Education 

Refugee education is more critical than ever. Centering refugee voices and resolving key tensions in policy and programming will be critical for ensuring that all refugee students and teachers receive the support they need. Teachers’ unions can play an important role in these processes, connecting refugee teachers to valuable services, information, and teaching opportunities, and provid[...]


Key Tensions In Refugee Education

Globally, education is in crisis, with steep inequities, low learning outcomes, irrelevant content, and ineffective learning and teaching strategies in many settings. The global education crisis is also a global refugee education crisis, as far too many refugee students must contend with barriers to access, low quality, and limited relevance in their learning opportunities. Refugee educat[...]


Episode 10 – Ahlan Simsim

In this episode of The Impact Room, Christopher and Regina take us back to the beginning of MOAS, what triggered them to take such bold action, and what they’ve learned along the way about the both the migrant crisis and the global humanitarian system.


Traumatised and displaced … but Ukrainian children are determined to continue their education

Theirworld was part of a mission to Moldova to gain a better insight into the unfolding Ukrainian refugee crisis and find ways to ensure every affected child has access to education and psychosocial support.  Organised by Education Cannot Wait – the fund for education in emergencies – and hosted by UNICEF Moldova, the visit to Ukraine’s neighbour was aimed at suppo[...]